Silence is violent


We are HIRA


HIRA is a group of five dedicated musicians from Germany. Their musical style is heavily influenced by modern melodic hardcore, but is also very unique to the band. Combining heavy and melodic guitar riffs with touching and relatable lyrics, their mix of aggression and harmony makes for an appealing blend of emotions to the listener’s ears. They started in 2017, when three of the current members quit their former band to form the current line-up of HIRA. Half a year of writing later, they booked into SKY VAN HOFF STUDIOS to record their five-song Debut EP ‘Silence Is Violent’ which is to be released on April 18th of 2018.

The release of their first single ‘Wake’ in April left them off to a promising start heading into 2018’s heavy music scene.


Vocals - Marc Johannsen

Bass / Vocals - Andreas Mpoussis

Guitar - Oliver Suikat

Guitar - David Fischer

Drums - Leon Suikat



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